Saturday, 30 April 2011

Rafael Nadal Birthday Tribute - **Take Part Today**

Rafael #Nadal - Worldwide Birthday Campaign

On June 3rd, 2011, world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal will turn 25.

We are trying to make the biggest Rafael Nadal's birthday video ever! So we need fans from all the world, no matter if you aren't from Spain, everyone can participate in our project!

You can participate in this campaign by submitting a Rafa-themed photo of yourself in your favorite Rafa attire, in front of your Rafa posters, holding your Rafa magazines, etc. The images will be combined into a beautiful video that will be sent to Rafa and we will post it here too. Also, the video will be posted on June 3rd on our youtube channel:

Hope that many of you take part in this... we want to show Rafa how much we appreciate him!

*** To participate you can post a photo here on twitter or send it to BEFORE SUNDAY, MAY 22nd, 2011. Don't forget to write your name and country!!!! ***

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