Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My First Day At The Monte Carlo Masters 2011

First of all apologies for lack of photos/videos. I have taken some but my laptop died before and has only just come off lifesupport. The pictures/videos are downloading as i type but it will take too long tonight to sort them all out.

Well i had a busy day and managed to watch all of Rafa along with bits of every other match bar Cilic & Murray.

I must admit that my ticket on Centre was not the best, i was Row 35 which was wayyyyyyy at the back and the slope of the stand means you really are far from the court :( It didn't help that I had a very tall man in front of me who kept leaning forward, then sideways, any way he could to block my view :( Anyway he finally settled down then cleared off just after the start of the 2nd set.

As for the Rafa's match itself it was nothing special to type about. Jarrko just wasn't in the running and Rafa never looked back from the first point. It was a nice, tiny workout and i am sure Rafa was pleased to get it out of the way so easy.

He is 2nd on court tomorrow after Milos v David and whlst I again have a ticket for Court Des Princes, I will not be moving until those 2 matches are done. I plan to then wander between the 2 courts as the Federer match really does not interest me.

Again, sorry for no pics but hopefully tomorrow the laptop will behave and I will have more time to sort them out :)

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