Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rally for Relief - report & photos

Well I set my alarm and got comfy on the sofa (so i didn't distrub my partner) ready to wake at 03.30.  My internal clock woke me at 03.20 so i switched on the laptop and plugging my earphones.

Rafa was the "2nd" group on court and to be honest not as entertaining as the 1st group (Novak, the 2 Andy's, Azarenka, Henin & Ana).  This was due to the fact that none of them had mics like the other group so we could not hear what they were saying, plus they looked like they took it a little too serious.  Anyway, that is not to say it was all not fun.  Rafa & Roger teamed up and got beat off Kim & Sam in a "first to win 5 points" competition.  The players had to hit alternate shots and on the first shot Roger forgot his turn, doh!!

A funny part occured when Rafa decided to sit out some points and went to join the photographers in the camera pit.

Overall the point was to raise money and after the show it was announced at the current total was AUD$1.5 million and that is the main thing.

Here are some photos from Rafa's turn on court.

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