Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rafael Nadal - press conference

The official presser is not out yet but here is a translation from a paragraph in El Mundo

""I'm sweating a lot," Nadal said on Canal Plus Sport "The truth is that I'm getting tired than usual and have trouble throwing long. In Abu Dhabi was fine physically but with the virus that affected me in Doha I lost electricity makes me a better player."

In the press room, and dry, he continued: "I've changed five or six times-shirt and was not so hot. I lost two kilos and a half and I do not usually lose weight in games. Must be consequences of the disease. I suppose that after the flu earlier this year, my body will have been a tad lower than usual. I am a player who sweats when he is with anxiety. In such cases, sweat more. But there's no more anxiety, but sudo the ciborium. And most worrying is that I get tired training. "


Courtesy: El Mundo

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