Monday, 25 October 2010

Roger calls for Tour "trim"

Roger Federer won the Stockholm Open on Sunday to capture a career title in an 18th different country, then called for a minor trimming of what has become for some players an 11-month ATP campaign.

“I’m not complaining personally. I don’t mind since I just take breaks during the season,” said the world number two Swiss.

“But for the average player it’s smart to finish at some stage and have a proper off-season.” The 29-year-old was re-elected as president of the Player Council, with that body and the Tour Board due to address the scheduling issue at November’s World Tour Finals in London.

Federer says a proposal to slice just a touch in the hopes of shortening by a few weeks merits serious consideration. “It makes complete sense to finish the season a bit earlier,” he said.

ATP boss Adam Helfant claims he can accomplish that and still not kill off any events, a plan which has not yet been explained.

Federer said that a slightly less taxing season is a win-win for players, tournaments and fans. “We are speaking of cutting the calendar by a couple of weeks. I hope we can have some kind of compromise. We all want peace and harmony.”

“You want to savour every victory, you never know, which one will be the last,” said the 16-time Grand Slam champion. “Things move really fast. I’ve won three but some people are upset. With some luck maybe I would have won seven.

“Stockholm was only a 250 (point) event but the victory is very special. This is maybe one tournament to remember more than some others. “Winning titles for me now is different than it was before. It’s all about the enjoyment for me now.

“I don’t have to prove myself to anyone and I get a great feeling of satisfaction. I know how to pace myself. I can savour the moment much more. “Early in your career, you wrestle with yourself, now I just enjoy the Tour.”

Courtesy: The Hindu

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