Saturday, 4 September 2010

Rafael Nadal v Denis Istomin

What good timing.  I have just finished my match round up and Rafa gets the 1st break of the match for a 3-2 lead.  Not a bad player is young Denis.  Of course there was the recent meeting with Rafa at Queens where he pushed Rafa only to lose 7-6, 4-6, 6-4.  Match report -  Add in Denis' recent form in New Haven where he reached his first ATP tour final i am hoping for a good competative match and a good workout for Rafa.  And so far so good for Rafa, he has the break and he has backed that up with a hold to love.  That serve is working a treat again so far tonight :)

Easy so far for Rafa.  2 breaks of serve and he has the 1st set 6-2 after 34 minutes.  Some nice stats from that set too.  His 1st serve % is 76%, won all points on his 2nd serve (4) and hit another serve at 133MPH.


On serve so far but a sloppy service game from Rafa, the first i think of the whole tourny gives 2 BP to Isomin.  Lovely CC FH winner saves the first a shot wide the other.  Come on Rafa, no lapses please!!!!  Another shot hit out by Denis and Rafa has a game point but nets!  Finally takes his chance and holds for 3-3.  No messing now Rafa, come on!!!

BP to Rafa @ 5-5 but a lovely DTL from Denis wins the point.

TB time

Oops, not a great start from Rafa and he is down 2 breaks 1-4.  Another break with probably the best point of Denis' career, he out Nadalled, Nadal!  Beautiful defense with some fantastic shots.

Follows up with 2 bad one and we are back on serve.  A lucky netcord then a 134mph serve and Rafa has set point #1 on Denis' serve.  Long from Denis and Rafa takes the set.  Harsh on Denis but that is the reality of top tennis.  You get such few chances that when they do arise you have to take them otherwise you get punished.


1-1 0-40, wake up Rafa!!!!! Saves them all but then hits wide for another chance for Denis.  He goes long (after a challenge) and we are at Deuce again.  Gets the game finally.  Get into this set Rafa!

Chance here now Rafa 15-30 @ 4-3, come on so i can go back to bed!  Typical i press Publish and Denis wins the point!!

Back to deuce but way long from Rafa (WTF with the challenge) and a beauty of a passing winner gets Denis pumping again, 4-4.


Lets get the break & the match now Rafa

0-15 to Rafa
15 all
Ace makes it 30-15
Long from Rafa and it is 40-15
Missed it but 40-30
Long from Rafa and it is 5-5

Rafa gets at least a TB

Well wide for 0-15 Rafa
Out 15 all
CC winner from Denis 30-15 - heading to a TB me thinks
Unlucky shot into the net from Denis 30 all
Awful shot and it is MP Rafa
Into the net for the win!!!!!

WOOHOO - back to bed now.  Well done Rafa and Denis.  If he had taken that 2nd set who knows what could of happened.  Most likely would of not won the match but would of been interesting to see how Rafa would of reacted.

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