Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rafa Nadal v Gilles Simon Part 2

I didn't expect a break this soon into the set but Rafa has it, 2-1, Go Rafa!!!

Stayed on serve and Rafa has just took it 6-4.  2 more sets Rafa.  You need to up your play a bit, the serve not as good today.

Time violation from Rafa in game 4.  To be fair it has been coming a while.  I do wish Rafa would speed up his play, he can take the piss on some occasions and all it does is give his haters another stick to beat him with.

A sloppy game from Simon gave Rafa the break for 4-3. Rafa backed this up with a hold to love. No more breaks and Rafa has the 2nd set 6-4

I think Gillou is already on the plane back to France, 2 breaks to Rafa, 2 pretty easy breaks and it is 3-0 Rafa


Rafa wins!!!!!  Non-event in the final set from Simon apart from a BP in the final game and a comfortable win for Rafa, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2.  The serve was not as good as in previous matches but i don't expect him to be able to hit the serve @ 130+ consistantly just yet.  I guess that shot is still a work in progress.

Overall a good win, straight sets again, 2 hours on court and a bunny in the next 2 rounds.  Looking very very good for a semi final slot!

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