Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 7 @ The US Open - 05-09-10 Part 2

Nearly Rafatime!!!!

Lopez v Stakovsky is currently on Grandstand.  Still in the early stages at 1-1.

Not far from its conclusion is Querrey v Almagro with Sam looking the winner.  It looks like Almagro is having a bit of bother with some people in the crowd.  2-3 times now i have seen him giving a hard stare in the direction of the same section of the crowd.  I know Sam is an American but that really pisses me off when the crowd do not show respect to the other player.


Murray v Wawrinka has just started on Armstrong

Lopez is in control of his match.  Got the 1st set 6-3 and is 3-0 up in the 2nd set.  Winner of this match plays Rafa/Simon.

And that will be Lopez who plays the winner as Stakhovsky has retired whilst down 4-0 :(


Not sure what Andy is doing but he is a break DOWN against Stan, 5-2!!

Seems to have found his head and it is back on serve at 4-5 Stan.

Andy seems to not only have found his head but is using it.  The set went to a TB and Andy won it 7-3.


Robredo v Llodra has just started on Grandstand

Michael is 5-2 up in the 1st set, go Michael!!!

Andy & Stan are back on serve in the 2nd - 2-3 with Stan serving.


Ok i now have my attention turned to Llodra v Robredo.  Tommy seems to be fghting back a bit here.  Down a set but 4-1 up.

Still on serve in the other match, 5-4


TB time again on Armstrong and MTO on Grandstand for Llodra.  Not sure what the problem is.  I thought vision/dizzy spell but no medication has been given and when the trainer came back at the next change of ends he got Michael to lie down (missed what else happened as the tv went to a break)

Ok the 2nd set on GS has gone to Robredo after a TB, now 1 set all.
2nd set on LA went to Stan after and TB.  A swap of breaks right at the start of the 3rd gives us 1-1 with Stan serving.

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