Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rafa Nadal v Feli Lopez

Morning everyone (yawn)

Finally, the players are on court and it is a great start for Rafa has he gets a break at the first time of asking.  Rafa looks to be carrying off from where he left!  Nice and easy Rafa, let me get some more sleep before work!


What are you doing Rafa???  0-40, get a move on!!!

Finally wins the game after saving 4, yes 4 break back points.  Stop it Rafa, just stop it right now!!!

Well no more breaks but he holds his serve and takes the 1st set 6-3.  2 more like that please Rafa but slightly quicker.  I know he is a fellow countryman but no mercy Rafa, crush him!!!!


Routine 2nd set so far.  No breaks, can't remember any break points either.  No, Rafa has just got one, take it!!
didn;t take that one but got the next, woohoo!!!  3-2 Rafa.

Rafa had a chance to get another break and the set but missed.  He is coming out now to serve for the 2nd set, no messing Rafa!!!!

And no messing it is, gets it with an ace!!

0-40 to Rafa but Lopez gets it back to 40-40 and holds for the game.  COME ON RAFA!!!!!


Not much happening. Rafa not getting any break chances and in his last service game Lopez decided to wake up. I think this is going to a TB.

I am now curled up on the sofa so I may fall asleep, lol!!

GOT IT!!!!!

Now serve this out Rafa.

And he does!!!! Quarter final against Verdasco here we come!

Get in!

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