Saturday, 11 September 2010

He Has Done It!!

GET IN!!!!!

6-2, 6-3, 6-4

Sorry for the lack of posts but i wanted to concentrate on the match.

Slightly disappointed with Mikhail as he didn't play his best match but i guess nerves and just awesome play from Rafa was too much for him today.

And onto the next match, do i want Nole or Roger in the final?

Nole - I like this guy and if it is not to be Rafa than i want Nole. I think Nole could give Rafa a tougher match than Roger.

Roger - This guy already has 16, share them out Rog, lol. Only kidding. He has been in great form of late and will be tough. If it is to be Roger in the final and Rafa wins he will then have beaten Roger at ever slam. As a friend called it not only will Rafa have the Career Slam he will have the GOAT slam too.

Whoever it is it will be a good match, but first we need to play this match now.

I will be back later to give a round-up.


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