Sunday, 12 September 2010

And He Will Play Novak

Wow, just Wow at that match between Roger & Novak.

I thought after the first set that it would be all over for Novak as he came so close to winning it. But no, back he came to give Roger a breadstick! 3rd set was tight and again i thought Novak was down and out. Once again he proved me wrong and served like a demon to get the breaks and the set 6-2. Some fantastic tennis played in the 5th, in fact the whole match but when Roger got the 2 MP that was it. Who beats Roger @ the US Open, only Delpo in recent years, but wait, Nole ain't finished yet!!! Not only can Roger not take the MP's but Nole then breaks him in the next game and comes out and serves for the match. His nerve holds and finally Novak beats Roger at the US Open.

Brilliant match!

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