Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Rafael Nadal - Round Up

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Can Rafa overcome Djokovic in 2012?

This will be an essential year for Rafael Nadal. He lost a lot in 2011: His No. 1 ranking, his US Open and Wimbledon titles and his domination on clay. That was painful enough. But knowing that there was a guy on the other side of the net who was better than him? That made it even harder for the sensitive Spaniard.

In order to understand better how Rafa feels, we need to look back so you realize how outstanding he was. The Spaniard won everything, of course, but even more than that, he never stopped to move forward. Not a single player was really an issue for him in the past. Each time he lost he found a solution to get his revenge in the next match...Full article here

Rafa's New Racquet

According to sources, Rafael Nadal has decided to add weight to his racquet, the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT. In its stock iteration, the AeroPro Drive is 11.3 ounces (strung)—relatively light compared to other touring professionals—and is balanced 4 points head-light. Reportedly, Nadal is modifying his equipment with hopes of adding more speed to his serve.

"I had to make the change even if I am not better in the beginning," Nadal told reporters. "We had to make the decision so that it will be better in the future. Probably that hurts my game a little bit to begin with. Is that a risk at the beginning of the season—yes. But it was still the right moment, to change. If not now, then when?"...Full article here

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