Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rafael Nadal - Non Paris :(

Well thanks Rafa :( I decide to go back to Bercy after 3 years, I get myself Press Accreditation and what do you go and do, pull out!

I have no idea why, I saw the first line of the FB announcement and stopped reading, I was too mad to continue. For me this just shows you how fragile Rafa is right now. Fast indoor courts are not this thing and he is not wanted to take a beating like Shanghai right before London. Some may say that is totally fine but for me, and not just because I am now in Paris, it proves to me why I can't say Rafael Nadal along side the very best this sport has produced. Yes he is a great tennis player but his lack of fast court tennis victories shows that.

Sorry if all these sounds harsh but right now I am mad, mad that he has ducked the challenge, mad that I would be able to attend one of his press conferences, mad that I won't see him play. I'll pick myself up now and go eat a croissant :-)

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