Monday, 3 October 2011

Rafael Nadal - Taiwan Flop

Well what a total waste of time!

Novice crowds in Taiwan failed to truly warm to the tennis of Rafael Nadal and Spanish friend David Ferrer, with the pair's exhibition drawing a paltry crowd which appeared to be unschooled in the sport.

Nadal's presence failed to ignite the 5,000 fans who shelled out an average of $220 per ticket. The lack of tennis exposure was evident, as the first exchange to draw any cheers didn't come until the third game.

Given the lack of tennis tradition in Taiwan, it may not be surprising that the event didn't rock the island's sporting world. Nadal ended up with the win 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, with the pair pocketing their appearance fees before jetting off to Tokyo for the more serious business of next week's Japan Open, where Andy Murray is also in the mix.

Some Chinese fans complained to local media thatNadal only grabbed at his shorts a few times.

The trophy presentation was over-the-top, with the pair each being presented with golden mementos about the size of basketballs.

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