Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rafael Nadal - Uncle Toni's Comments

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Was doing my daily Spanish press reading and found this interesting article where Toni makes some comments.

On Nadal:

"Something similar is happening to Rafel with Novak as what happened to Federer with my nephew. The problem is mental and with his game."

"It's clear that when you lose 5 times in a row to a player it affects your state of mind and this influences your game. Rafel has to be tighter with his serve and be more confident with his forehand."

"In the final of Wimbledon there was not the same fight that, for example, there was in the semis against Murray, nor did he play his best. All of this makes you lose against a player that everything is going right for."

On Djokovic:

"The difficult thing is not reaching number one but staying there. We'll see what he's like when everything is not going perfectly and he has to defend the points".

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  1. You are right staying #1 is more difficult than getting there. Since Asia and health problems Rafa lost I think the energy to fight to stay #1. Rest will do hm good vamos Rafa Louise Shea Quebec