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Rafael Nadal - Autobiography Ready For Release

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is nearly ready to release his autobiography, recently posting an update and a picture of the book's title page to his Facebook followers.

On Thursday, Nadal posted, "Hi everyone, after a year working with the well-known writer John Carlin, I want you to be the first to know that the book is due in August and and I want to share with you the title page. What do you think about it? Also, very soon I'll release the first chapter only for you ;) . Rafa"

The title page shows a closeup of a serious-looking Nadal, with the words "RAFA: Rafael Nadal and John Carlin" at the bottom of the page.

The autobiography will reportedly center around Nadal's career accomplishments, including behind-the-scenes stories of his most notable victories.

In April, non-fiction publishing director Adam Strange of Sphere, who had bought UK and Commonwealth rights to Nadal's memoir, had said, "It's a real treat to have this book as I've been a fan of Rafa's for some time. The world number one is a ferocious competitor on court and yet manages to display a grace and humility off it that is completely charming, and quite unusual in today's sporting world. His list of achievements and records is extraordinary."

Strange had added, "Along with the rest of his millions of fans worldwide, I'm very much looking forward to finding out what makes him tick. Rafa is an intensely private person and until now he's not talked openly about his personal and family life."

Sphere's current release date for the book is August 23, and according to Strange, Sphere anticipates that the memoir will be very successful.

"I don't think any player since Agassi has really captured the tennis world in the way Rafa has, so we have really high hopes for the book," Strange said.

Amazon's product description for the book reads:

What makes a champion? What does it take to be the best in the world at your sport?

Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest players in the history of tennis, has the answers. In his memoir, written with award-winning journalist John Carlin, he reveals the secrets of his game and shares the inspiring personal story behind his success. It begins in Mallorca, a small island on the Mediterranean Sea, where the tight-knit Nadal family has lived for generations. Coached by his uncle Toni from the age of four, taught humility and respect by his parents, cherished by his exceptionally close extended family, Nadal has managed the uncommon feat of becoming an acclaimed global celebrity while remaining an unfailingly gracious, relentlessly hardworking role model for people in all walks of life.

Since he embarked on his tennis career ten years ago, the twenty-five-year-old Nadal has had a meteoric rise, becoming the youngest professional tennis player ever to win all four Grand Slam titles. He collected his first one, the French Open, in 2005 at age nineteen, and from there went on to win Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and, most difficult of all, the U.S. Open in 2010. His memoir takes us behind the scenes, sharing the highs and lows of his career, from winning the Wimbledon 2008 final, described by John McEnroe as "the greatest game of tennis" he had ever seen, to the family problems that brought him low in 2009 and the numerous injuries that have threatened his career.

With candor, heart, and intelligence, Rafael Nadal takes readers on his life's dramatic and triumphant journey, never losing sight along the way of the prize he values above all others: the unity and love of his family.

Are you looking forward to the book's release? Will you be picking up a copy?

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  1. yeh! finalllyyy .. Rafa Nadal's autobiography .. Been waiting for it since sooooo loooong!!