Monday, 9 May 2011

Rafael Nadal - Part of The Press Conference - Transcript

Nadal: "The world number one is clinched"

"Make no mistake, it's reality, but number one does not end the world. I'm just as happy when I go to a track and I'm competitive, we will work to win," he added.

The Spanish Rafael Nadal said today, realistically, that "the world number one is buttoned up" in recognition of the potential of the Serbian Novak Djokovic, their nemesis in the finals of Madrid, which he called a "monster."

"The number one is not endangered, is buttoned up," said Nadal. "Make no mistake, it's reality, but number one does not end the world. I'm just as happy when I go to a track and I'm competitive, we will work to win. What good is worth waiting and be patient "he added.

"It's a psychological club losing three finals in a row, yes, make no mistake, but in life there are moments in a career high and low. The mine is not low, it is very high," admitted Nadal.

"Today I was faced with a great player, a monster, it is still this year, playing a very high level. Let's face it," he said, "when it is better than you, you shake hands, and the next tournament "said Nadal, who promised to make reflections.

"To see what can be improved, what has been done right and wrong. It should be necessary attitude and a cool head, and open to discuss things and find solutions," he said.

"Today was not enough and the next attempt to improve," he said.

"Today I have not played the best on ground level, that is one hundred percent reality. Nor have I made a very bad game, normalillo, and playing well against a great Djokovic, is not enough," he continued.

"You have to play more aggressive, but you have to feel more right when you enter. I was doing damage with his backhand crosscourt. I've been there, the party had begun fatal", described Nadal.

"I do not know if anything will change or not," he said of the future, "I do not think things will change by themselves, the need to do to change and I will do everything possible to change. I come to do a very good season , but someone is doing better, no more than accept it. "

"My season is quite positive, because I've played five finals and won two. Today I have been there, depend on it, me and many more, there are only two in the circuit," he said.

"I won a lot in my career and it is an advantage that most players do not. I have 24 years, I can only be grateful to people who supported me. There is a drama, because one is better than the other," continued.

"It was harder to defeat Miami of today, because I was closer to winning and ended up physically destroyed and today. I do not like to lose, this is a plus, because it is on land.'s Always special to lose ground," said.

Last year, Nadal became the first player to win three Masters preceding 1000 Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Rome and Madrid, and said that was virtually unique.

"The normal thing is lose, you can not always win. These are tall tales and the movies look on TV. If nobody had done before, it was difficult to win two consecutive years," analyzed.

"Now I'm in a fairly privileged position of the year, I'm taking more advantage of the three, four and five of the world," said Nadal on a positive note.

"My first goal is the Masters in London and would be a catastrophe not be obtained, almost done. I want to finish as high up the rankings, and play well in Rome, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and other tournaments," Nadal ended.

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