Monday, 28 March 2011

Rafael Nadal - Special Olympic donation

The Special Olympics Foundation has received 4 ‘Magic Bubbles’ as a gift from Rafa Nadal. The ‘Bubbles02’ are the same ones used by the champion to accelerate and improve his recovery after playing long matches.

Youngsters across the country will now be able to use this revolutionary pure-air equipment was entitled the ‘Magic Bubble’ by medical experts.

Currently, the level of contamination in the air affecting various countries is without doubt having an effect on the quality of air we breathe and it contaminates our respiratory and cellular systems. Thanks to the ‘Burbuja02 de Zonair3d’ though, it is now possible to allow athletes to breathe air free of contaminated particles, bacteria, and allergic agents which are the cause of a lot of diseases and it further helps the body recover and fight against illnesses such as asthma.

For people who have a 40% higher chance to develop breathing problems and low fitness, this ‘Bubble’ is a great provider of health and together with the ‘More than Tennis’ program - introduced by the Rafa Nadal Foundation and Special Olympics Spain – they will continue to provide kids with disabilities and youngsters an opportunity to get access to services that were impossible to have access to previously.

This technology -used by Rafa Nadal and all the other top Spanish tennis players from the Federación Española de Tenis will now bring the closer to a future full of opportunities.

Vamos Rafa!

Courtesy: Official Website

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