Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rafael Nadal - Bacardi ambassador

Bacardi Limited on Tuesday is set to serve up tennis champion Rafael Nadal as its newest ambassador for educating consumers about responsible drinking, marking the first time the spirits company has brought the global campaign to the United States.

The Miami Herald has learned that the Number 1 ranked tennis player in the world and winner of nine Grand Slam titles will be introduced late Tuesday as the face of Bacardi’s “Champions Drink Responsibly” campaign during an event at the New World Symphony space on Miami Beach.

In one of the first ads, Nadal emphasizes the importance of knowing when you and your friends have had enough to drink. The ad shows Nadal holding his tennis racquet over an empty spirits glass with the message,

“I’d always tell my friends where the line is.”

“I enjoy socializing with my friends and family and drinking responsibly is important no matter what your game is,” Nadal said in a statement. “That is why I’m teaming up with Bacardi Limited as I want to take the lead in promoting social responsibility to fans and consumers around the world.”

Bacardi’s Champions Drink Responsibly campaign was initially launched in April 2008 featuring Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher as the first ambassador. Under Schumacher the campaign emphasized the message that “Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix.”

But under Nadal the messaging will focus on urging consumers to be a champion by looking out for their friends.

“Rafael Nadal’s global appeal makes him the perfect champion and role model to help us continue to spread the message that we should all know ‘where to draw the line’ when it comes to drinking,” said a statement from Seamus McBride, president and chief executive officer of the Bermuda-based Bacardi Limited.

“Bacardi Limited is dedicated to continue its strong history of educating legal drinking age consumers about responsible drinking.”

In another ad, Nadal urges consumers to enjoy drinking in moderation, emphasizing that quality is what’s important, not quantity. Nadal is shown holding his hands up in a “Time Out” sign next to an almost finished drink. The ad features the message, “I try to beat everyone at tennis, not at drinking.”

Bacardi will use a mix of traditional advertising, social media and interactive events to get the message of responsible drinking out to consumers. Events with Nadal will be staged around Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and other tennis tournaments around the world.

Courtesy: MiamiHerald

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