Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rafael Nadal - Bacardi Ambassador - Video

You need to be over 18/21 to enter this website.  There are 2 videos, Behind The Scenes & a Q&A

On the tennis court, Rafael Nadal uses his balance, focus, ability, strength and determination to stay in control. It’s part of what makes him a Champion.

He’s only the second male player to have won a Career Golden Slam (all four grand slams during a career). He’s won a record breaking 31 straight games at Roland Garros in the French open and he holds the record for the number of consecutive wins (81) on a single-surface.

Off court, Rafael likes to spend time socialising with friends. And that’s what makes him the right fit for our Champion’s Drink Responsibly Campaign. He has the perfect combination of professionalism, dedication and focus in all aspects of his life and above all, he values the time he spends with family and friends.

Despite his hectic tennis schedule, Rafael always makes time to be with friends and family, and he’s also the first person to make sure everyone enjoys themselves responsibly.

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