Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nadal - New Quely Advert

Found on Rafaholics

On 17 and February 18 we meet with Rafael Nadal at the Center for Modernization of Manacor new spots to shoot the ad campaign Quely, Rafa's Secret. To meet the objectives of shooting and plan the details of the recording, the company hired LOOPING Audiovisual Services, which had previously been charged with the development of scripts along with representatives of the marketing department Quely. The campaign will consist of three spots that develop the themes of energy, strength and speed.

The shooting took place smoothly and on schedule. Rafael Nadal showed no signs of fatigue at any time despite their previous commitments to the media and the hard training plan which has to undergo an elite athlete. He followed the instructions of the director, Oliver Hernández, with the seriousness and professionalism that characterize him.

Breaks in filming we noticed the good understanding between Rafa and the representatives of our company, which did not stop joking and commenting on the situation. We had the opportunity to give Quelites test Snacks and he expressed his curiosity about the new variety of flavors. The relaxed atmosphere also led to allow time for an impromptu tennis match between Rafael and Gabriel Domenech, co-founder of Quely. The match was very even, although we suspect that one of the two opponents did not deploy their full potential.

The ads, which are in post-production phase will see the light soon. We can not do much on its content, but all have had the opportunity to see the tests ensure that the result is spectacular. You will have to remain vigilant if you want to discover the secret of Rafa Nadal.

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