Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nadal defends ad campaign

Jesus some people are never happy.  They have to find fault with everything.  Only days after the ads hitting the public Rafa has had to go on the defensive regarding his ad with Bacardi.

Quote from

"Rafael Nadal, who recently signed an endorsement deal with Bacardi, says it’s not unusual for an athlete to be sponsored by a liquor company. "I am not presenting alcohol party, you know," he said. "It's a responsible campaign, a social campaign. Anyway, I think alcohol is inside our lives, so is nothing new, no? But the campaign is not against alcohol but about be responsible when you go out. So wasn't difficult decision, because I think is very important social campaign, and I believe in this campaign."

Leave the lad alone, FFS!!!!  Do you see him falling out of nightclubs with a different girl on his arms?  Do you see him fighting after a few drinks, NO.  You see Rafa being responsible and promoting an education campaign to help others do likeless.

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