Monday, 28 February 2011

What Happened When Rafael Nadal was Woken In His Hotel Room By A Radio Station

Not sure why i am giving this air time as i think the 2 presenters need a ****ing good slap for this prank.

The presenter from Radio Contact pretended to be the tennis player's mother to be put through to his room
Belgium radio station, Radio Contact, wanted to mark the first time that World Number One, Rafael Nadal, has played in the country by ringing him up.

One of the station’s presenters pretended to be his mother and was passed to the extension in his room. A sleepy Rafa took the call in good heart.

‘We are really happy to have you on our programme’, said the presenter, MarĂ­a del Rio.

‘I am really happy to be sleeping’ replied Nadal.

When asked if he could go to the radio station, Nadal continued ‘I’m sorry, but I am here to train, and to play, and the timetable is such I have no time to go anywhere’.

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