Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rafael Nadal - Torn thigh muscle

According to an article on RTVE website Rafa has a torn thigh muscle :(  The exact extent is not known but the source was Uncle Toni.

Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of Rafael Nadal, who lost to David Ferrer the quarter-final of the Australia, confirmed that world number one suffered "a torn left hamstring fibers", which realized during the crash because the player told the court he could not run.

"Rafa told me on the track I could not run and she had a broken fibers in the hamstring," said Toni Nadal.

"Rafa is sad. It happened this last year here in the match against Murray," continued the coach, which revealed that the disease was "in the second game of the match, trying to reach a backhand cross-Ferrer" he said.

Toni Nadal said the world number one had not been withdrawn "because he left here last year. This is a Grand Slam. But I could not continue. It is unfortunate but true," he said.

The trainer of Spanish tennis player lamented the misfortune that came to his nephew in the first years. Toni Nadal . "I think the flu or virus that took in Doha has been able to do more prone to such setbacks muscle. It has been affected," he said Toni Nadal.

Courtesy: RTVE

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