Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Rafael Nadal - award ceremony - Updated with a longer video

Here is Rafa receiving his award from Carlos Moya

Rough translation of what Rafa says

” Please stop, I am going to break down…good night everybody. I thank everybody that is here tonight and thank you for thinking of me and thanks a lot of that applause but I think it has been too much…I …must say that for me this has been the most important season of my career and the best too. Last year I had a lot of complicated moments and thanks to all of you, the press, the fans who give me their support, fellow tennis players, friends for giving me your support also during those moments, thanks to that I am where I was before that, well, even better, unbelievable. Thank you so much for your support always, its an honor to be here tonight. I also want to congratulate everyone who has received an award tonight and also say that we are lucky, Spain is living some unforgettable years in sports and for me as a lover of sports in general I have a great time watching you all. Thank you so much.”

Here are some photos

A short post award interview here

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