Thursday, 30 December 2010

Rafael Nadal - Abu Dhabi interview

Courtesy: gulfnews 

World number one Rafael Nadal who is on the brink of completing a Grand Slam if he wins the Australian Open in three weeks' time termed 2010 as the most fantastic year of his career so far.

After rival Roger Federer won the Australian Open early this year, Nadal won the remaining three Grand Slam events — French Open, Wimbledon and US Open — and starts another year with the Abu Dhabi event.
Speaking to reporters Nadal said: "For me 2010 generally was the most fantastic year. I am going to have a lot of memories of the year".

The Spaniard said it was also a huge year emotionally after coming back from injuries. "The year was really an emotional year for me. It was not easy for me in 2009. Lot of problems… injuries. But during the year I came back and played the best tennis of my life and was fantastic to come back at the highest level and become a better player. It was unbelievable for me," he said.

Commenting on the prospect of winning in Australia to complete a Grand Slam, Nadal said: "For sure it's a special thing. For me it's an important one for sure.

"That's what is I'm going to try. Grand Slams are special tournaments but to win a tournament in Australia is great. One game at a time.

"I will arrive there to play my best tennis and best players of the world play there. The first round is going to be very. very difficult. Four (Grand Slam events) in a row and to win have the special motivation to play in all the Grand Slam events".

Nadal, who was beaten twice in the year-ending Masters event in London by Federer, said he had been trying to improve and add to his game.

"Everybody have to do it in general because improving your game… that's motivation.

"I have worked a lot on the slice shot and my positioning on court.

"Also on my backhand, my serve but the main thing is I have to win more matches.

"I have to gain confidence and this is important to win matches.

"It does not matter if you are a better player than before but if you player better on the important tournaments it is great.

"My second serve, I need to keep improving though that is not the worst thing of my game," said Nadal as he sets out to register a Grand Slam.

Nadal said winning here in Abu Dhabi at the start of the year boosted his confidence.

"This is the perfect place to start the season and if you play well against the best players its important thing for your confidence for the season ahead. This tournament does not affect the Roland Garros, Wimbledon or US Open for sure. But if you start playing well here it can affect a little bit on the next tournament in Doha and maybe in Australia," he said adding that his experience in Abu Dhabi over the past has been great.

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