Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Rafael Nadal - 2011 season begins - UPDATED

Once again our friends at IB3 have come up with the Rafa goods.

Courtesy: vamosrafelnadal

A Google translation of the subtitles during the video tells us that all good things have come to an end and the holidays for Rafa are over but it will not be long until we see him again in Abu Dhabi.

Rafa then says that he has always liked this time, time to spend with his family and friends but now the pressure starts for the next trip.

Rafa will start packing for the his trip tomorrow to Abu Dhabi and will then go to Qatar where he will play the first ATP tournament of the season in Doha.

It will then be off to Australia, where Rafa says "as always, every game will be very complicated".

The next 2 paragraphs made no sense at all, LOL.

At the end we see 2 of Toni's children, Juan & Toni. Juan mentions that he would like to one day win Wimbledon.

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