Sunday, 21 November 2010

Schedule change from 2012

The ATP has approved the extension of its off-season to seven weeks, starting in 2012, ATP Executive Chairman and President Adam Helfant announced today.

The increased break, designed to allow players more time for rest and training between seasons, was approved for the 2012 and 2013 ATP World Tour calendars by the ATP Board at its London meetings held in conjunction with the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

“The length of the off-season is arguably the biggest issue confronting the sport of tennis, and it was the responsibility of the ATP to find a way to address the problem,” Helfant said.

“I’m pleased to say there was broad consensus among our members that the players, and the sport as a whole, needed a longer off-season, and that both the player and the tournament representatives on the ATP Board found a way to come together and make meaningful progress for the sport.”

The changes were achieved by removing the free week between the BNP Paris Masters and the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and rescheduling four late-season events to dates earlier in the year. The players will benefit from an additional two weeks off without the elimination of any tournaments on the ATP World Tour.

“The health and wellbeing of our players is paramount. Preserving and extending their playing careers is critical for the long-term good of the sport,” Helfant said.

Analysis by the ATP Medical Services Committee indicates that lengthening the off-season will help players fully recover from injuries and improve their strength and fitness, which will have benefits throughout the season and help increase the length of their careers.

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