Monday, 8 November 2010

Art of Tennis - UPDATED

Rafael Nadal
Qualified June 6, 2010

"Making the artwork was fun and something I've never done before. It's a great way to celebrate the World Tour Finals coming back to London. It was a little bit of a challenge to put the balls on the silhouette! Of course this is the least we can do for charity and for those who need it the most. It's very important that people in our position help those who really need help. I'd like to thank everyone for the support they give us."

Roger Federer
Qualified August 31, 2010

"It was great fun being invited to create my self portrait and I'm excited to see how the finished piece looks. Raising money for charity is always a great thing so already I would like to thank people who will buy these pictures and it's going to be for a good cause. I'm happy I can help a bit. I am very happy as it is the ninth consecutive year I have qualified for the year-end event. I have played in a lot of different venues during my career and I can say they staged a fantastic event at The O2 last year. I look forward to returning there in November and finishing the season strong."

Novak Djokovic
Qualified October 9, 2010

"It's a great achievement to qualify. It was incredible how many people came out to watch each and every match last year. I haven't experienced that before. Every match I played last year was a full stadium with 15,000 people and I really look forward to playing in front of that crowd again. Of course I will do my best to get even further than I did last year to try to pass the group stage," said the World No.2.

Andy Murray
Qualified October 14, 2010

"I can't say I've ever created a self-portrait quite like this before - it was good fun but I don't think I'll be giving up my day job just quite yet! I'm looking forward to seeing it in the gallery, hopefully it can raise some money for charity!"

Robin Soderling
Qualified October 23, 2010

“I’ve always dreamed about playing at the World Tour Finals. I had some really good memories from last year. Hopefully I can take that experience and do even better this time. There are only eight players and you play against the world’s best so every match you play could be like a Grand Slam final. I will have to be ready from the first match"

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