Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Started off by getting there a bit earlier for a shot at a seat on the new practice courts. Typical organisation in that we should be let in at 10.30 but they only moved the barriers around 10.45. Got a seat that overlooked both courts but only Soderling came out whilst we were there. He was rather grumpy, throwing racquets etc and I even managed to catch a ball he hit out of court!

Anyway no Rafa....yet

In we went for the afternoon session and I got the match I expected. Whilst there were some great points there was only going to be one winner.

Met up again with friends and went to the pub for food & drinks.

Back in for the doubles & RAFA!!!!

Bloody hell, he likes to make us fans suffer, he can never do it the easy way, lol. After the poor singles matches so far this one was by far the best. Lovely play from Roddick & Rafa to give a great match. Thankfully Rafa came out on top. This means I get Rafa v Nole, again. Was kinda hoping for something different by hey ho at least that will be my final match on Wednesday night.

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