Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Djokovic - Nadal is the player of 2010

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Novak Djokovic, the third best player in the world, said there is no doubt that Spanish Nadal has been the best player of 2010.  "He's improved a lot in the hard courts, I do not know how much. Nor do I know what you have left room for improvement, because it continues to improve. Has an incredible game and should be given credit for it," he said.
Djokovic, winner of the current Paris Masters 1000, added that Nadal has also improved its service.  "Everybody talked about it during the U.S. Open. Just lost a set all tournament, which proves how much we've improved on hard courts," he added.

The Serb said on the eve of his first match against Juan Monaco debut will be "unpredictable", because the Argentine is playing well. "What will happen is unpredictable but I hope to get used to the surface, conditions, and give my best," said the Serbian.

Djokovic coincided with the bulk of the players that the first impression is that the track is faster than last year but no one understands it as an obstacle to repeat the title. "I come just as well playing on fast surfaces this year and slow surfaces."

Courtesy:  Marca

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