Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray's Playstation Battle

On the court, top-ranked Rafael Nadal and fourth-ranked Andy Murray have had several close matches, including an exciting five-setter at the Australian Open in 2007.

Their latest tussle, however, didn't involve rackets and nets.

On Tuesday, Murray announced via Twitter that he would be pairing up with his friend Dani Vallverdu in a Pro Evolution Soccer game against Rafael Nadal and Juan Monaco.

Monaco announced on his Twitter that he and Nadal had defeated Murray and Vallverdu 2-1 out of three matches.

Murray refuted Monaco's claims, saying that team Monaco/Nadal attempted to say that penalty kicks did not count during one of their games.

The heated debate extended all the way to Nadal and Murray's press conferences following their second-round victories.

While Murray again restated the claims that he had made over Twitter, Nadal backed-up his friend Monaco.

“I am not going to answer because everybody who was there knows who won yesterday night." said Nadal "So if he's happy coming here and lying to everybody, it's okay (smiling). But we won, that's true. Monaco and me, we won 2-1. That's true.”

Courtesy: Bleacher Report

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