Saturday, 9 October 2010

Rafa v Viktor

Morning/afternoon/evening everyone :)

I have finally woke up to watch Rafa. I did briefly wake at 6am and looked at the scoreline. Saw it was 3-2 in the first set and went back to sleep. When i awoke again i saw it was 5-4 in the 2nd so thought "by the time i switch on the laptop it will be over" Shows what i know :( So i have got the laptop and i am watching.

Currently 3-2 and on serve in the 3rd. I am going to have a good look at Rafa's serve as the stats from it this week have been a bit up and down, especially yesterday.


OMG - 2 horror shots in the same game, first an easy shot out wide then an awful smash into the net :( That was a chance there Rafa, come on!!!

EDIT - From 2 horror shots too 2 out of this world shots. 1 smack into the corner and and beauty of a lob to force Viktor into the net. Rafa to serve for the match at 5-4.

EDIT - What is going on here, Viktor has broken back, fair play to the lad he decided to step up his play when Rafa's serve had another dip.

EDIT - Oh Lord above, de ja vue again. Again he hits a FH DTL wide and then an even worse smash into the net to give Viktor the break and a chance for him to serve for the match. Vamos Rafa!!!

EDIT - Poor Viktor, he got soooo nervous then and has been broken back. TB it is.


I feel so sorry from Viktor :( Brilliant TB from both players that saw breaks of serve and Viktor having 2 Match Points but credit for Rafa for holding out for the win.

The final tomorrow is Gael Monfils v Rafael Nadal.

Photos to follow

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