Saturday, 30 October 2010

Rafa in Barcelona

Please note this is a Google translation so excuse any grammar errors!

Rafael Nadal, No. 1 in the ATP ranking, valued at Barcelona the season and has indicated that the balance is better than I thought. "Every season is different. Some are better and worse, like 2008, but this have been well and things have gone. The balance is positive, much better than I thought, but you always hope to go further".
The player will return to competition at the Masters in Paris (7-11 November) at the Masters Cup in London (22-28 November).  In this regard has explained that addresses the two tournaments with a desire and hopes to do my best.  "I will try to get as far as possible in both. The truth is that both are complicated."

"Of course winning the Masters Cup is my goal, but I said that is the most complicated because it is played on a surface that is not going to my characteristics, but I can assure that I will make every effort to get as far as possible" .

"You never know when you can llegarte injury because you always play at the highest level and the limit of your possibilities, but right now I'm fine."

"I'm a professional since age 18 and things have been going much better than I ever could have imagined," he said.
Loaded on the tennis calendar, Nadal explained that we must work to have an appropriate program. "Not so much the number of tournaments we play as having a proper schedule," said

Video courtesy of vamosrafa via rafaholics
Interview courtesy: Marca 

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