Thursday, 14 October 2010

I am not too disappointed

I know that may sound strange but i want Rafa fit and full of energy for the World Tour Finals in London.

Whilst i feel for the fans in Shanghai i want Rafa to concentrate on what is important. He has said himself that the World Tour Finals is the target and by losing today (BTW great match from Melzer) he has now got nearly 4 weeks off till his first match in Paris (he usually starts on a Wednesday).

He will now play 1 more tourny before London (Paris) and again, i hope he treats it like Shanghai, glorified practice. Whilst talking with friends on BBC 606 we all agreed that London and staying fit into the short winter break is more important than adding to the Masters record. Remember it is only 3 months till the AO and Rafa's date with the "non-calendar slam" Again that is more important than Shanghai or Paris.

Going back to Jurgen today, only saw the start whilst home for lunch but WOW, good on you for holding out when Rafa took the 2nd set. Most people on MTL had Rafa winning in 3 as he is normally so strong mentally and Jurgen not so much but again, hats off to him.

Attached are a few links to some match reports

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