Friday, 22 October 2010

Del Potro to play Vienna

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Former 4 in the world, who from Monday will participate in the ATP Vienna, beats his return to the courts and warns that "to restart from scratch."

Del Potro is ready to return. His first season on this long road that means leaving behind a long layoff will occur in the Vienna tournament, starting next Monday. In Europe decide whether to play two more tournaments. Is that while it decided to return to full closure of the season, Del Potro not want to rush. And in that sense, warns: "People have to know that I long to be lacking in pace, away from my good tennis."

In an interview with ESPN, Delp said his trip is to start playing, regardless of the tournament. "Anything I going to do well, even going to play a future and I lose touch with one maybe a year ago earned him comfortable, or cease to be top ten, or other things they used to. It's back to start from scratch, "said U.S. Open champion 2009.

Regarding the time he lived from his right wrist injury, said: "This year was very bad, very bad. I started the Australia Open is one of the favorites and suddenly everything falls apart and everything is black. After my problem is in hand, several months without finding a diagnosis and once you find the diagnosis came the operation. The question was minded to that. Nobody who assured me that would be good. But I decided to do it. "

While it has not decided whether after the Austrian tournament play another tournament, Del Potro has already planned its start in 2011 at the Sydney ATP, which belongs to the tour after the Australia Open, just the only Grand Slam he could play this year.

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