Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A change in the rankings

Now if you are like me the rankings can be a minefield.  I usually wait for the Monday update :)

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Rafa Nadal, the world number 1, called for the tennis world ranking to two years instead of annual currently governed, and valued it as "more fair." Nadal, who played on Wednesday with Sergio Garcia, the tournament Pro-Am of the Castellon Masters, said the matter: "If you stop to think of a circuit and how things could be better for me there is no color. A circuit with a ranking of two years would be more reassuring for all, could alleviate a lot of pressure and stress in the effort. "

"But any change in the sport is very complicated," said the Spaniard tennis player.  "We have a circuit that is fabulous, which moves a lot of money. What happens is that players go to the hotel court, and again to the court and the hotel. It's not fair that a player is injured year and go to the hundred or global list. As it is not fair that if Federer gets hurt tomorrow, and again in six months or seven back as 80 in the world. Because there would be 80 of the world, " Nadal complained.
Nadal gave the example of golf, whose ranking is calculated to two years.  "If so, you should not play every week to maintain the status," he said on the matter but warned: "Yet do understand that it is almost a dream. This sport does not allow you peace of mind. You have to compete every week and as you always limits, "he said.
On his form, Nadal, 24, said: "I need two and a half weeks at home to recover physically and mentally. And also to train. I've long without training. I had little time for it from U.S. Open" .  Nadal recalled the recent past, where it weighed down injuries last season.  "Last year at this time it seemed that there would be no more that era and now it seems I'm the bomb. I think neither one thing nor the other. Not so bad either now as well. These are circumstances that happen in sport . Everyone has the right to take a short break or going through a bad time. No matter what happens I have the best season of my life, "he said Nadal.
Sergio García Support
On its leadership position in world tennis, the player of Manacor explained: "The quietness of the number one is not because they carry many points. The quiet is because I won three of the 'big' this year, and is more than I would have dreamed little. And if I say five years ago would have believed me either. "

Nadal, the Prince of Asturias Award for Sports in 2008, said after being questioned by the absence of many of the players who won the football World Cup which is difficult to assess. You can not compare to a personal career as ours. Each team has its rules and regulations and I can not comment on the reasons for this absence. What I am saying is that this is a sufficiently important prize at the institutional level for people to go. An award and I think it is good that collect, "said Nadal.
The champion Nadal also said, not just their tennis year, if not the state of Sergio: "A Sergio alone can tell you is to send messages of support, as do many times. It is about work and enthusiasm. I also had a downturn when I was injured, when things go wrong it seems impossible to go back up, but the sport is a click which pass over from evil to good in a moment. Sergio has for many years are up there, everyone is entitled to a break . What happens is that journalists you have a hurry. must be allowed to return at their own pace, "said Nadal.
Sergio for his part said that Rafa has a very special friendship, "we always talk in good times and bad, and it is fortunate to have the support of someone who is up there," said Garcia, whose immediate goals are to play well and win . "I have really wanted and that's what matters. I have 12 years as a professional in all that time I think I had only 2 or 3 weeks completely detached from the golf," said Borriol. "It's been a tough season and you lot going through your head," he concluded.

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