Thursday, 9 September 2010

The wind

Last night during the Nole v Gael match the wind was pretty strong.  On a tennis forum ( a few people were discussing the affect on the players.

One guy was getting pretty steamed that the weather was ruining the match for both players but a few others were disagreeing with him.

So the question is should play be stopped when it is "too windy" just like play is stopped when it rains?

For me if a player can serve, get the ball over the net and into play then the match should not be halted.  Being able to adapt to different conditions is part of being a tennis players.  It is no different from changing your game plan when you face a certain player.

Looking at the Nole v Gael match (i did not watch Roger v Robin) it was clear that Nole handled the conditions much better than Gael.  The poster's point last night was that it ceased to be a fair contest and became a "lottery"

What is the answer?

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