Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rafa Nadal v Teymuraz Gabashvili

Well i have made it but not sure how long i will last as i got bugger all sleep before.  I have set myself a bedtime of 3am.  No messing about Rafa, 3 easy sets please!

I will update as the match goes but so far on serve @ 2-1 to Gab

Nothing else to report yet, still on serve @ 4-4

Heading to a TB, oh God, don't need this at 02.30!

Yep, TB it is.

Gab to serve first

Out, 1-0 Rafa with a break
FH winner, 2-0 Rafa
Long, 2-1 Rafa, mini break gone, back on serve
BH long, 3-1 Rafa with a break
Net, 3-2 Rafa
Long, 4-2 Rafa
Net, 5-2 Rafa
Long, 5-3 Rafa
Lovely volley, 5-4 Rafa
Unplayable FH, 6-4 Rafa - SP #1
FH winner, 7-4 Rafa


1st set stats for Rafa

74% 1st serve
3 Aces
1 Double Fault
10 Winners
10 Unforced Errors
0/1 Break Points converted
5/6 Net points won.

2nd set

BP chance for Rafa in game 2 but he hit it out.  Easy service game next and it is 2-1.

Starting to feel tired now so i will watch for 2 more games, next change of ends i am off to bed.

Easy hold for Gab, 2-2

And the same for Rafa.  I am leaving the match now at 3-2 in the 2nd set.  It is on serve.


Night all.

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