Sunday, 19 September 2010

Davis Cup Semi Finals - Day 3 - Part 2

Let's go Janko!!!

Already up a break and leading 3-0. Let's do this Janko. Stepanek looking a bit flat, keep it that way!


Double break, 4-0. Nice and easy Janko, 3 sets, AJDE!!!!


BAGEL!!!!! Woohoo, go Janko.


Great start to the 2nd by Janko, already up a break but what is this, a fightback from Stepanek. Takes his 2nd break-back point and it is 2-3.


Into a tie break we have gone. First blood to the Czech as Stepanek wins the first point. Tight play from Janko gives another break and it is 3-1 to Czech Rep.

Janko did get it level but an awful wayward shot gave the lead back to the Czech's 5-4.

He gets it, Woohoo!!!! 2 sets up now, Ajde Srbija!!! 1 more set and you are in your first Davis Cup final.


Double break for a 3-0 lead, go Janko!! Woohoo.


Tipsy is serving for the match

BH into the net from Stepanek - 15-0 Serbia
Long from Stepanek - 30-0 Serbia
Into the net again 40-0 3 MP
FH into the net from Tipsy 40-15 2 MP left
Again into the net 40-30 1 MP left now, come on Tipsy!
Get's it!!!!!!!!

The final will be Serbia v France!

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