Monday, 23 August 2010

New Haven & football

Hi all again.

I should explain that i am a season ticket holder for Liverpool FC so i watch all their matches. We have just kicked off against Manchester City so i am currently watching that. I do have the live scores to New Haven open so i can keep an eye on what is happening. I see that Fish has pulled out, which is understandable. After the last week he deserves a rest. Playing in New Haven is Baggy, good luck Marcos.

Crap, Gareth Barry has scored for City :-(

Hungry Horace has just started in NH, good luck.

Oh poo, Horace is down a break & serving to stay in the 1st set. Come on Horacio!!

1-0 to City @ Half time :-(

Oh crap, 2-0 City and Horace is going to get beat.

Shit, 3-0. Hate football already and we are 2 games into the season!

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