Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Haven 25-08-10

Another rain affected day. Baggy v Chela is finally on court and it was not a great start for Marcos. He went down a break for 0-2 but has got it back.

Noooooo, just as I type Chela gets another BP and takes it :(. He now leads 3-1. The other match currently on court is Sexy Step v Hanescu and that is into a 1st set TB.

Oh Baggy :( Not his day at all. Now down 5-1

Sexy Step got the 1st in his match, 7-4 in the TB.

I am off to bed now. The scores are currently 4-1 to Baggy in the 2nd set, Go Marcos!!!!!! & 3-3 in the 2nd set between Sexy Step & Hanescu.

For all the Roger fans that visit take a look at my YouTube channel as i have updated it with 4 videos of Roger photos i took at the Toronto Masters a few weeks ago. Enjoy

Goodnight everyone :)

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