Friday, 20 August 2010

Cincinnati Masters 20/08/2010

Back home from Toronto and after a little afternoon snooze i started to watch the day session from Cincy.

First up Andy Murray v Mardy Fish. To be honest i was still half asleep at this point and catching up with people online so whilst i had the match on my Sky player i wasn't really paying attention to the actual play just listening to the commentary. Murray seemed to have a slight problem with a dizzy spell during the match and also recieved treatment on his knee. Match went the distance and whilst Murray had his chances Mardy took his and the match.

I am sure Andy will be slightly disappointed but there are bigger fish to fry in the coming weeks.

Playing Mardy in the semi final is fellow American Andy Roddick. Novak was all over the place today, some very poor service games and though suffering from Mono Roddick won is straights.

Mmmmmmm Mono. I thought if you caught that you were unable to get out of bed nevermind play a professional tennis match in the hot American sunshine. Not saying Roddick is lying but i am sure it is a very mild case and not as drastic as some would have you believe.

On court now is Roger & Nikolay. Following that is Rafa v Baggy. I will report on those matches later.

Roger v Nikolay - Chances for Davy in the first set but just couldn't take them. Roger took his, got the break and took the 1st set 6-4. Roger was steamrolling in the 2nd set to go 3-0 up. But some nice play (as throughout the match already) Davy got it back & held his own to get the score to 3-3 but Roger turned it back up again to and got 2 MP but a forehand winner and a sublime backhand from Davy got him out of trouble and he held his serve for 5-5. Another break for Roger and he took the match 7-5 in the 2nd. Roger is looking good!

Rafa time - Not sure how much longer i will stay awake but i will do my best for you Rafa!

Ok Rafa i haven't stayed away for you to cock this up. Great play from Baggy but wayward backhands and still slightly shaky serving has not helped. Onto the 2ns set we go, vamos Rafa!!!

Better from Rafa but still not great. I love you Rafa but i need my bed now. Leaving the match at 4-4 with Rafa to serve, Vamos!!!

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